"Flavors" Comes to NCRC

Long awaited cafeteria opens as NCRC embarks on a unique partnership

This month marks an important milestone in the development of the NCRC campus. There is now a large enough critical mass of people working here that the new dining facility called "Flavors" has just become operational. NCRC has entered a unique partnership with a leading Detroit food service vendor, Opus One, to serve a growing need for quality food options on the site.

According to Mary Tresh, the NCRC Facilities Director, the partnership with Opus One is a model that works for both partners. Providing healthy and superior food options to the community members is a priority for NCRC which inherited a very large and state-of-the-art kitchen from Pfizer. Opus One, with its great reputation and scale of operations, can put this resource to good use by providing meals to the NCRC and the university community, while running catering services from this kitchen. This brings about cost efficiencies that the university eventually benefits from.

Jim Kokas, the president and CEO of Opus One, explains what is exciting about this partnership: "Opus One has been around for 25 years.  We have had the same philosophy since the beginning, "always the freshest ingredients, the most creative and tantalizing blends of flavors." Opus One has many good partners but none like the perfect partner, the University of Michigan and the NCRC. Not every facility wants or needs a scratch kitchen but if you want to eat healthy it needs to be.  Opus One's "Flavors" is a scratch kitchen and is already MHeathy compliant because of the way it cooks.
Our relationship with the University began more than fifteen years ago and each year it has became stronger. Today we are a strategic supplier and have an Ann Arbor address because we have a partner who appreciates what we do. The kitchen at the NCRC is a dream to work in and it will allow us to be creative not only in the cafeteria setting but also allow us to create superior food for building deliveries, NCRC banquets, and off premise catering. "
"Flavors" is open to the NCRC community, the rest of U-M as well as the greater Ann Arbor community. NCRC Administration would like to extend a warm welcome to Opus One.

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