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The Wellness Center is a resource to help promote greater health and wellness for all UMHS employees and U-M NCRC faculty & staff. This is accomplished by offering fitness and strength training machines, MHealthy Classes and multiple Wellness Programs.

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Wellness Center News

Starting this summer we will begin a monthly membership fee of $10 for all members of the NCRC Wellness Center.

This low monthly fee will enable NCRC and MHealthy to continue this convenient amenity as well as upgrade our facility services to include a towel service for the showers and a water cooler in the equipment room.

The first 500 people to sign-up for the Wellness Center monthly fee will receive a NCRC Wellness Center BPA Free Water Bottle.

We will communicate the details of an exact start date and payment methods in upcoming newsletters and on the Wellness Center Website.

Become an NCRC Wellness Center Member

For access to the Wellness Center please review and complete all of the below required forms and bring them with you to the mandatory orientation:

Orientations are drop-in only every half hour starting on the hour. Please see the open Orientation Location & Schedule above.

*Those who already have NCRC access will still need additional access granted to the Wellness Center. Complete the first section of the NCRC Identification Card Request and Access/Change form as well as, the Additional Access section. Under Additional Access, select "Other" and write in: Wellness Center. At the end of your orientation, the MHealthy representative will sign your form and submit it to the MCard Office.

The Wellness Center is a University provided resource available to UMHS employees and U-M Faculty and Staff based at NCRC. NCRC has not received approval from the Office of General Counsel to offer this benefit to non-UM employees. We will continue to review this issue to determine what options may be available for our non-UM occupants in the future.

Location & Hours of Operation

The Wellness Center is located in Building 16, Basement. MHealthy classes are located in the Building 16, Basement, Room B-017N exercise room, along with lockers and showers. Click here for Map.

The Wellness Center is open every day, 5:00AM - 9:00PM.

Wellness Center FAQ'S


To reserve equipemt on Schedulon click here


Equipment Instructional Videos        
Introduction Concept 2 Rower Matrix e3x Elliptical Matrix C3X Climbmill        
Matrix Cable Crossover Matrix R3X Recumbent Bike Matrix S3X Stepper Matrix T3X Treadmill        
Matrix U3X Upright Bike Paramount Lat Pull Low Row Paramount Extension Leg Curl Paramount Seated Chest Press        
Paramount Seated Leg Press Paramount Shoulder Press Overview Full Video        

MHealthy Class Schedule


MHealthy Programs

  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Ergonomics awareness
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Mental and emotional health


There are over 1,300 six month combination assignment lockers located outside of the shower rooms and approximately 60 token operated daily use lockers.

Valuable items left behind in the Wellness Center for example;  watches, wallets and money should be turned into Post 1 (734) 764-9000 if the person can identify what is being retrieved the items will be released to that person. To follow up on valuable items please email lost-and-found@police.umich.edu  to inquire.   Non–valuable items will be held for one week, if not claimed they will be disposed of. MCARD’s should be turned into the MCARD station located in Bldg. 18 room G018 at NCRC.

If interested in a six month assignment locker please email a request including your name and UMID# to: ncrcfeedback@umich.edu

Massage Therapy

The UMHS Massage Therapy Program at NCRC, where their nationally certified massage therapists give 15 and 30 minute chiar massage sessions at a $1.00 per minute.

Schedule your chair massage at 734-232-5029

Dates available to schedule (11AM - 3PM):

  • June 2 / Room B003-E
  • July 14 / Room B004-E
  • Aug 4 / Room B004-E
  • Sept 8 / Room B004-E - Open time slots: 30 min at 11:00am, 15 min at 11:55am, 15 min at 12:15pm, 15 min at 2:20pm, and a 20 min at 3:00pm
  • Oct 6 / Room B003-E
  • Nov 3 / Room B003-E
  • Dec 1 / Room B003-E

Massage Therapy questions or comments:

Beth Miazga

Massage therapy has long been recognized as a complementary approach to treating pain, muscle tightness and fatigue. We are pleased to be able to offer this compassionate service to our community.

Scientific research indicates massage can:

  • Decrease anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Ease post-operative pain
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relieve back pain
  • Boost immune system
  • Relieve tension headaches
  • Reduce side effects of medications

Questions & Comments

Please contact Maryellen LeBlanc: maleblan@med.umich.edu: (734) 764-0587