Notifications & Updates

Site-Wide MCIT Wireless Controller Upgrade

Medical Center Information Technology (MCIT) will be upgrading the wireless controller for NCRC site-wide the morning of Saturday, April 4th.

The upgrade will cause rolling wireless outages as the controller is upgraded. The outages will be short in duration (5-10 minutes), but spread out geographically during that window.

U-M Controlled Burn at NCRC

U-M Grounds Department is planning to conduct controlled burns in the coming weeks. The areas targeted are the storm water management basins at the North Campus Research Complex, the storm water management basin at the Varsity Tennis Center, the storm water basin at parking lot NC51, a portion of the Baxter-Hubbard woodlot that is east of the creek, and a the western portion of the Hubbard-Hayward woodlot.

Because the conditions for conducting the burn are so weather dependent, we would not be able to identify the exact burn dates ahead of time. NCRC will notify occupants as soon as we know that the weather will be favorable to conducting an effective burn, which is not likely to be more than one to two days ahead of the burn. Occupants may smell smoke in the buildings as a result of the controlled burn.

The Office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Fire Safety Services and the University Department of Public Safety as well as the Ann Arbor Fire Department will be notified in advance of each burn and have issued the appropriate permits. We will conduct these burns during conditions that will minimize the direct effect and persistence of smoke.

The burns will be done by a contractor experienced with working on the U-M campus, Plant Wise, who specializes in ecological burns and native plant restoration. Plant Wise clientele includes burns conducted for General Motors, Southfield, MI, the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority, and University Commons condominiums. It is recommended for ecological reasons to conduct these burns during the early spring, as weather and wind conditions will permit.

The Benefits of a Prescribed Burn

Please contact Marvin Pettway ( if you have any questions or concerns about these controlled burns.

Michigan Prescribed Fire Council's website:

NCRC Courtyards

The NCRC courtyards are available for use beginning the week of March 16, 2015. Outdoor furniture removed during winter will be replaced soon. There may be some areas where pockets of snow and ice have not completely melted, please avoid walking in or through these areas as they may be slippery.

Building 520: Upcoming Roof Replacement Project

The Building 520 Roof Replacement Project will begin in early April or as soon as the weather allows for uninterrupted work. Weather will be an influence on the ability to perform work and the duration of the roof replacement project, which is expected to last four to six weeks under the best weather conditions.

Building 520, third floor occupants should expect the sound of roofers cutting, scraping, and removing the old roof membrane and insulation. There will also be new roofing material moving about as the project progresses. There may be faint odors present during the project from adhesives and sealants during the installation process. The work that will create the most odors will be scheduled on weekends and efforts will be made to minimize them at other times.

Notices will be sent out for weekends when air handling equipment will need to be shut down to prevent drawing odors into the building and while roofers are working near lab exhaust. 

Remember that during air handling and exhaust fan shut downs: 

  • All chemical containers in the labs must be capped, or covered and properly stored.
  • All equipment requiring appropriate ventilation should not be in use.
  • Conducting any experiment in a shut down fume hood, or using any ducted exhaust system connected to the shut down system is prohibited.

A small area in parking lot NC85 located South of Building 520 will be reserved for material lifts and dumpsters. Expect truck traffic and temporary closures of the sidewalk and parking lot. Signage and flag persons will be present directing people away from the construction activity during these closures.

Once the project is complete, you may notice what is often described as a rubber or asphalt odor from the new roofing membrane. This odor is expected and will dissipate over time.

Detailed information and additional notices will be provided as the start date approaches.

Building 16: Elevator Update

3/20/2015: Elevator #51 (the south car) in Building 16 is currently out of service and expected to remain that way throughout the weekend. Repair parts are on order. Elevator #50 (the north car) is fully operational.

3/17/2015: Both elevators are now in operation.

3/16/2015: Elevator car #50 (the north elevator) is currently out of service and a work order has been placed. Elevator car #51 (the south elevator) is fully operational.

3/6/2015: Repair parts for the Building 16 elevators were installed. Both elevators are now in service.

3/5/2015: NCRC Facilities Management extends our apologies to the building occupants and guests in Building 16 for the hardship caused by the recurring elevator problems. This issue is not only a top priority to resolve within NCRC but is a top repair priority for our University service partners.

Repair parts arrived this morning for car 51 (the south elevator), however this morning we had to borrow parts from car 51 to get car 50 (the north elevator) back in service. The parts borrowed, stop switches, are on order and on target to be received later today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday).

Given the growing frequency of repairs, we will be scheduling an external vendor to do an additional quality control inspection after both cars are back on-line. This inspection will require both cars to be taken down during the inspection process; however, we will make every attempt to do this at a time that limits further disruption to occupant activities.  Additional notices will be sent out once we have more information.

If you become entrapped in a non-working elevator, please push the call button inside the car to summon assistance.

To report an elevator malfunction, please contact Plant Operations Call Center (POCC) at 734-647-2059.

Emergencies should be reported to the Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS) at 911.

Building 520, Second Floor: Network Outage 

Medical School Information Services (MSIS) will be performing annual maintenance on the communications closets in Building 520 on Friday, March 27th starting at 6:00PM through 6:00PM Sunday, March 29th.

There will be both intermittent and prolonged network outages that will impact any access to the network from a computer or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) during this maintenance work.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to

Mandatory AirWatch enrollment for mobile devices to connect to UMHS Outlook Exchange

AirWatch® is the mobile device management system (MDM) provided by UMHS to ensure security for smartphones and tablets that connect to the UMHS environment. To access your UMHS email, calendar or contacts (Outlook Exchange) on your mobile device, you will need to enroll the device in AirWatch.

There are limitations for certain mobile devices. Due to age and manufacturer-specific applications or security features, some smartphones and tablets will not function with AirWatch. Otherwise, you will be able to access your UMHS email services on these smartphones or tablets ONLY through a web browser using Outlook Web Access.

-Simplified one-page instructions to enroll an iOS device

-Simplified one-page instructions to enroll an Android device

Buildings 10 & 14: Corridors Open

Building 10 and 14, Ground Floor corridors are now open.

Notifications will be sent for scheduled intermittent closures as the construction process concludes

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tara Ahmet: or (734) 615-0026.

Buildings 14: Renovation Project

A temporary wall will go up on the ground floor near the Building 14 entrance. The temporary wall will not impact access to the entrance.

Corridor closures are expected to be complete in early January 2015.

The Building 14 Renovation Project is expected to be complete in August 2015 (approximately one year).

1/12 Update: Building 10 and 14, Ground Floor corridors are now open. Notifications will be sent for scheduled intermittent closures as the construction process concludes

1/5 Update: Phase 1 will be complete in early February. The corridor will open in mid-January.

12/5 Update - Buildings 10 & 14: Corridor Closures

Due to the Building 14 Renovation Project we will be closing corridors nightly from 8:00PM to 6:00AM in Building 14, Ground Floor starting on Wednesday, December 10th through Wednesday, December 24th.

This will also impact the Building 14 entrance. No one will be able to enter or exit through this entrance during these hours. As an alternate route, please use Building 16 or 22 entrances.

Please reference map on right for alternate stairwell route and details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tara Ahmet: or (734) 615-0026.

10/30 Update - Scheduled Electrical Shutdown

Due to the Building 14 Renovation Project there will be a scheduled electrical shutdown in Building 14, first floor on Saturday, November 1st from 7:00AM to 9:00AM.

This electrical shutdown will affect all non-generator backed receptacles on the first floor and the lights in the west penthouse mechanical room.

It is recommended that you shutdown any office equipment that is sensitive to power surges during this time.

If you find that power has not been restored to your equipment after the power disruption, call POCC (734-647-2059) and report this immediately.

9/24 Update - Hammering & Drilling
There will be construction noise (mainly hammering and drilling) in Building 14 tonight, Wednesday, September 24th from 5:00PM - 12:00AM.
You may notice vibration and very loud noise during this time. We want to assure occupants that their work area is safe and secure and they will not be affected by the construction in any other way.
All efforts will be made to work around the normal activities of the buildings and to keep any noise to a minimum during work hours.

9/10 Update - Buildings 10 & 14: Corridor Closures

Due to the Building 14 Renovation Project we will be closing corridors in Buildings 10 and 14, Ground Floor on Friday, September 19th at 5:00PM. Corridors will re-open around the middle of December 2014.

During this time, please use the stairwells on either side of the closures as an alternate route. Please see map on right for details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tara Ahmet (734) 615-0026.