Notifications & Updates

CANCELED: Building 10: Fire Alarm Testing

A fire alarm test to verify successful operation of the fire alarm system will be conducted in Building 10 on Thursday, April 17th starting at 6AM. The test should be complete by 7AM.

This testing will be held in Building 10, but may be seen and heard in Building 14. You will hear the audible and visual alarms go off intermittently during this time. There is no need to evacuate, and further instruction will be provided if an actual fire event occurs during the tes

NOTIFICATION CITY OF ANN ARBOR: Hydrant Flushing, April 14 - April 18

This is a notification the City of Ann Arbor will be performing hydrant flushing in the following areas:
Area #1
Western Boundary is: W STADIUM
Eastern Boundary is: HURON PARKWAY
Northern Boundary is: PLYMOUTH RD
Southern Boundary is: W STADIUM

Area #2
Western Boundary is: HURON PARKWAY
Eastern Boundary is: US 23
Northern Boundary is: M 14
Southern Boundary is: GEDDES

FIRE HYDRANT FLUSHING The City of Ann Arbor Water Utilities Division will provide annual fire hydrant inspection and system maintenance procedures by flushing water through selected area hydrants over the next week.

You may observe a fire hydrant with water coming out of the side opening within this area between these dates. The city will be working on hydrants in the following areas between Monday, 4/14/14 through Friday, 4/18/14

On occasion, the water in your home or businesses may have an orange or rusty appearance. The water is safe to use and drink, but it can cause stains to laundry if the discoloration is not first cleared from the lines. The iron sediment in the water main being disturbed by the hydrant flushing causes the discoloration. If this occurs, please run your COLD water for several minutes and flush your toilet to clear your lines.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the hydrant flushing process, the city is available to help you.

Please direct all questions or concerns regarding this notice to Cindy Fowler at 647-2059.

Floor Refinishing

CRC annual floor maintenance will continue in buildings 100, 200, 300, 400 and 520. All work will be performed after 6:00pm.

Common vinyl tile areas have already been completed for most of the buildings. Individual lab floors in B520 are scheduled for refinishing beginning the last week of April starting on the third floor and working downward.

Please ensure that as much of the floor is clear as possible. Watch for individual room postings and an upcoming carpeting schedule over the next several months. See schedule for more details.

NCRC Interior Window Cleaning (April 7 - June 30)

The interior panes of all exterior windows will be cleaned at NCRC over the next 6-8 weeks. The work will be performed by Capital Building Services Inc. who is the U-M vendor that also cleans all campus exterior windows.

This work will begin the week of April 7th and progress by building until complete. Coordination around common areas, conference rooms, and events will be executed to the level of information available.

Offices and other rooms will be cleaned in quick succession, so your cooperation is appreciated if asked to accommodate the cleaning effort.

You do not need to be present for cleaning. However, please allow access to the windows by removing items from the window sills and ledges and also removing anything attached to the glass. The staff will work around furniture and blinds as required.

Dates are approximate and based on availability of spaces to progress through the buildings. The first phase of the schedule is as follows:

B18 - April 7-9th

B14/10 - April 10-11th

B16 - April 14-16th

B20 - April 17-21st

B22/B25 - April 22nd

B26 - April 23-25th

Phase two will be based on hitting the dates above and a second notice will go out with those details.

Geese Deterrent Application

U-M Grounds will be applying a goose deterrent material in effort to keep the geese away from the building entrances. The product is called Migrate Goose Repellent produced by Bird B Gone. It will be applied several times over the next few weeks. This product changes the appearance and taste of lawns and other landscape plantings that are desirable food sources. The product has a distinct odor of grapes and is a non-toxic grape extract effective in deterring geese.

NCRC Controlled Burn
U-M Grounds Department is planning to conduct controlled burns in the coming weeks. The areas targeted are the storm water management basins at the North Campus Research Complex, the storm water management basin at the Varsity Tennis Center, the storm water basin at parking lot NC51, a portion of the Baxter-Hubbard woodlot that is east of the creek, and a the western portion of the Hubbard-Hayward woodlot. We are working to do a very limited burn at the Inglis House in the southern end of the meadow.
Because the conditions for conducting the burn are so weather dependent, we would not be able to identify the exact burn dates ahead of time. NCRC will notify occupants as soon as we know that the weather will be favorable to conducting an effective burn, which is not likely to be more than one to two days ahead of the burn. The Office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Fire Safety Services and the University Department of Public Safety as well as the Ann Arbor Fire Department will be notified in advance of each burn and have issued the appropriate permits. We will conduct these burns during conditions that will minimize the direct effect and persistence of smoke.
The burns will be done by a contractor experienced with working on the U-M campus, Plant Wise, who specializes in ecological burns and native plant restoration. Plant Wise clientele includes burns conducted for General Motors, Southfield, MI, the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority, and University Commons condominiums. It is recommended for ecological reasons to conduct these burns during the early spring, as weather and wind conditions will permit.
The Benefits of a Prescribed Burn
Please contact Marvin Pettway ( if you have any questions or concerns about these controlled burns.

Michigan Prescribed Fire Council's website:


Multiple Buildings: Floor Maintenance

U-M Building Services will continue the next phase of their floor maintenance on the first floor south corridor from Building 20 to Building 60 toward the Building 28 lobby.

Building Services will resume their work at 9:00pm on Monday, March 10 along the same first floor path through Building 30 to the Building 28 lobby. It is anticipated that this work can be completed without closing the corridor. Please use caution when traveling in this area.

See image for location details.

Buildings 14/16: Break Room Ceiling Leak

Maintenance has temporarily closed off areas of the break room between Buildings 14 and 16, Ground floor due to leaks in the roof/ceiling. Please avoid walking beyond the caution tape and use break areas in adjacent buildings until the area is restored. A second notice will go out stating it is ready for use.

Update 2/28: Maintenance has reopened the break room between Buildings 14 and 16. Replacement of ceiling tiles and lighting will be scheduled as materials arrive.

Update 3/21: Ceiling tiles will be replaced and the lighting re-lamped on Saturday, March 22.

Building 20: Vinyl Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing will take place on the vinyl tile floors in Building 20 beginning Monday, January 27th. The Building Services Staff will begin on the third floor and will be refinishing labs and corridors. Please make every effort to remove excessive clutter from the floors to enable a more thorough result. The work will complete within two weeks. Watch for temporary signs indicating specific areas and be cautious when walking on wet floors.

Update 2/28: Floor finishing has been suspended due to repair of floor tile in some areas. Watch for upcoming schedule updates

Switchgear Replacement Project

A switchgear is a combination of electrical switches, fuses and circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment.

Some of the current switchgear in Building 80 (the Powerhouse) that distributes power to multiple buildings at NCRC is being replaced due to its age/life expectancy. The replacement switchgear will improve reliability and incorporate the many safety precautions inherent in new equipment.

7/29 - 5/31: Building 10 Air Handling Replacement

Construction activities are ongoing in the air handling replacement project in Building 10: Ground Floor, First Floor, and Penthouse. The completion of this project will enable better temperature control and performance of air conditioning systems within Building 10. The general contractor will begin their work by surveying and assessing multiple areas throughout Building 10 which will include inspection above ceilings. The project is estimated to be completed in May 2014. Anticipate short periods of disruption as we remove the old and install the new systems. Every effort will be made to minimize disruption to the extent possible. 

8/12 - Update: Contractors have moved into the demolition phase of the project. Storage area for building construction materials has been set-up on the large grassy area in front of buildings 10 and 16. There will be intermittent traffic around the ring row in front of buildings, 10, 16 and 18. There will also be a temporary stair lift outside of Building 10, offices A138 and A179. This stair case allows workers to easy access to the roof and construction materials.

8/19 - Update: Demolition of existing air handling units Building 10 Ground floor & Penthouse is continuing. First floor light construction starting on Monday, August 19th in Building 10, rooms A146 & 146B. Ground floor demolition in the mechanical room A057 will have intermittent noise.

8/26 - Update: Due to some of the work, such as welding, you may notice an intermittent smell. We assure you the smell is nothing to worry about and in case of an emergency, our fire alarm system will sound and evacuate the buildings. There is also some piping work going on in Building 10, 1st floor that may cause minor hallway disruptions. FUN FACT - We have completed 1 out of the 5 air handling unit replacements!

8/27 - Update: Construction will shut down the air handling units in the Penthouse of Building 10, beginning at 6:00pm Tuesday, August 27 through 8:00am Wednesday, August 28. This will affect the Ground and First Floor of Building 10.

9/3 - 9/5 - Update: The contractor performing the air handling unit replacement project will be turning off the heating hot water Tuesday, September 3 starting at 7:00 a.m. and will not be turned back on until Thursday, September 5 at 4:00 p.m. This will not affect hot water in bathrooms. The west half of building 10, ground and first floors, will be affected. During this time the supply air temperature from the air handling units serving these areas will be set to deliver 68°F. This means that the west half of the building will be cooler than usual, so occupants should be advised to dress warmer.

  •     It will be chilly in B10-G suite G016 T, W & Th, this is due to air supply tie-in
  •     You will still see intermittent work and workers on 1st floor
  •     Fun Fact - 4 of the 5 Air handling units will be demoed by September 7

9/5-9/8 - Update: Construction will shut down the air handling units in the Research Auditorium of Building 10 first floor, beginning at 4:00pm Thursday, September 5 through Sunday, September 8.

9/7 - Update: The Building 10 air handling unit replacement project requires that all of the air handling units and exhaust fans in Building 10 be shutdown from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Saturday (September 7).

The purpose of the shutdown is to make electrical connections to temporary ventilation fans. You may notice temperature fluctuations and lack of air movement during this period which will be resolved as soon as the connections are made and the systems restarted.

9/8 - 9/12 - Update: Building 10, Ground Computational Research Suite is having piping installed starting Sunday, September 8th through Thursday, September 12. This work will be done after hours from 9:00pm - 3:00am.

9/16 - Update: Room 153A will have ceiling work all week : 9/15-9/21, Occupants cannot use room. Don’t be alarmed by intermittent noise on 1st floor , demolition in the penthouse. They will try to keep noise to an acceptable working level.

9/23 - Update: Don’t be alarmed by intermittent noise on Ground floor in GA057 building new system.  They will try to keep noise to an acceptable working level. Don’t be alarmed by intermittent noise on 1st floor , demolition in the penthouse.  They will try to keep noise to an acceptable working level.

9/25 - Update: Construction will be doing some ceiling work in the Building 16, Ground Floor bathrooms, both men & women’s. Construction begins today (9/25) and will end Friday (9/27).

Alternate bathroom locations are Building 16 Basement, First Floor and Building 14 Ground Floor.

9/30 - Update: There is duct work being done which you will see materials for in front of Building 10 and Building 18 as construction rebuilds the system. Demolition continues in Building 10 Penthouse as well as roof and steel work being done.

10/6 - Update: There will be an electrical shutdown in Building 10, Ground Floor starting at 9:00PM Sunday, October 6th and ending 7:00AM Monday, October 7th.

10/7 - Update: Penthouse demolition all week. Loud saw cutting noise & extreme vibration Monday through Thursday, 5pm – 6am. There should be no cutting noise during normal business hours.

10/21 - Update: Steel beams will be set on building 10 roof this week. You may hear some noise and feel slight vibrations during this process. Concrete will also be poured this week. This will not impact daily activity.

11/3 - Update: There will be a full electrical shutdown of building 10 starting at 9PM Sunday, November 3 through 4AM Monday, November 4. Please back-up data that may be of concern and shutdown your computers or other sensitive equipment.

11/4 - Update: Concrete truck outside of building 10 in the morning

11/9 - Update: There will be a crane located on the ring road loading equipment onto the roof of building 10. During this time the ring road will be close from approximately 8:00AM through early afternoon Saturday, November 9. Building 10 entrance will also be closed. Please enter through building 18.

11/15 - Update: Urgent power shutdown in Building 10 from 12:00PM - 12:15PM.

11/18 - Update: Building 10 carpeted floors will be cleaned at 6:00pm through 11:30pm starting on Monday, November 18th through Friday November, 22nd. This includes corridors, conference rooms, and offices that have not recently been re-carpeted.

11/15 - Update: Urgent power shutdown in Building 10 from 12:00PM - 12:15PM.

11/20 - Update: U-M Construction Services will be replacing select panes of glass surrounding the Building 10 first floor courtyard located at the East end of Building 10. This work will take place on November 20th and 21st. The weather forecast predicts higher outdoor temperatures, but expect the corridors around this area to be cooler than normal during the replacement. 

12/7 - Update: There is a scheduled power outage Saturday, December 7th from 7AM - 12PM. The electrical shutdown for Building 10 is complete and power has been restored.

If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the Building 10 Air Handling Project, please contact Tara Ahmet (734) 615-0026

Progress and construction details will be provided throughout the process via the NCRC Building Notices

Winter Courtyard Closure

Update: It is anticipated that the courtyards will open sometime in April 2014 or as weather permits.

NCRC courtyards will soon close for the season and will not recieve Winter maintenace for the duration of inclement weather months. During this closure, outdoor furniture will be stored. The closure will take place upon the next forecast of freezing conditions that could pose a walking hazard. Signs will be posted on all courtyard access doors and will be supplemented with an additional barrier to indicate the closure. Please use an alternate path during the closure period.

Building 36 Exterior Construction Project

Construction Services will begin a small exterior project on the south side of Building 36 starting November 11, 2013 and continue through Spring 2014, as weather permits. All walkways will be maintained, but please be aware if you are entering the site from parking lot NC 91. See map for exact location.

11/4 - Partial Road Closures

Starting November 4th, 2013 there will be partial road closures of the driveway behind Building 550 between the North Dock and NC86 Parking Lot. The closures will be on a daily basis, will include some weekends and will continue through April 2014. Part of NC86 Parking Lot will be closed during this time. Deliveries to the Building 550 dock will still be permitted and emergency vehicles will have access at all times. Please click map to enlarge.

10/14 - Pest Management

The season is changing and temperatures are starting to cool particularly at night. All types of creatures that normally exist outdoors without concern decide to move into the warm environment of University buildings. Regardless of what you find or where you find it remember that U-M Pest Management is available to address your concerns. Feel free to call the Plant Operations Call Center at 734-647-2059 to ask for removal and treatment for pests in your area.

To help reduce incidents, please do not store food outside of sealed containers or allow accumulation of empty bottles and cans. It is also recommended to remove excessive storage/clutter from under desks. These can attract a variety of pests relying on shelter and a readily available food source.

5/29 - Ongoing: NCRC, Building 10, Elevator

NCRC, Building 10, Elevator (Number 52), will be out-of-order while we wait on ordered material to arrive so repairs can be completed.