Commuting To and From NCRC is Now Easier Than Ever

February 18, 2013

Over the last three years since the first move-ins, and especially with the growth of research activity, NCRC has continued to provide excellent infrastructure support for research on its site. One of the unique aspects of NCRC is the confluence of researchers from different parts of the university. Most of these researchers continue to maintain strong connections with their home schools and departments for their research, frequently traveling back and forth.

Especially in the last year, NCRC has seen a substantial growth in both dry and wet lab research. The community of faculty members, researchers, students and staff members has grown and many of them regularly commute to other parts of the university.

Researchlink is one of the main bus routes that connects NCRC to the Medical and the North Campus. To meet the transportation needs of the researchers, the frequency of Researchlink was recently increased to every 15 minutes from the earlier frequency of every 30 minutes.

It is expected that a more frequent bus service will facilitate more efficient interactions between NCRC and the rest of the university. Of particular importance is the connectivity that the Researchlink provides to the Engineering School, the VA Hospital and the Medical School.