NCRC – Building a Culture of Inclusion

October 06, 2016


The University of Michigan has chosen this month to embark upon a 5-year grass-roots effort to improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. With such an effort, we are offered an opportunity to build a climate and culture that is welcoming to all. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are equally important; however one can surmise that a culture of inclusion must come first before the other two can thrive.  Of the three pillars of the University’s strategic effort, inclusion is also the one area which each and every of us can choose to actively engage, a true grass-roots effort.

The NCRC is a research campus which offers a unique opportunity to think and act positively about inclusion. It houses many organizational partners across the university, including The Medical School, The College of Engineering, The Schools of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health, the Office of Research, the VA researchers, external companies and many others. We propose to add one additional layer to the existing University effort, one focused exclusively on how the NCRC can foster an environment of inclusion.

My colleagues are committed to build engagement for inclusion as a strategic initiative at NCRC. We will commit time and resources to organize this effort; however the success will depend on engaging everyone at the NCRC.

Therefore, we ask you to join us in this effort; start a conversation, listen and learn, develop an interest and enthusiasm, and find and change those things that diminish the culture of inclusion.

This simple idea will be stronger for the declaration of support from every individual at the NCRC. Look for ways to make your support visible to others. Please encourage faculty, students, staff, non-UM tenants, contractors and visitors to participate.

David Canter,

Executive Director, NCRC


For more information about the DEI initiative, visit:

NCRC Expo on Tuesday Oct 11th (sign your support at the NCRC Inclusion table)