Notifications & Updates

Building 36

Exhaust Shutdown

Facility Maintenance will be shutting down the Building 36 exhaust system on Saturday, August 19th from 6:00AM to 10:00AM to make repairs. The ground and first floors of Building 36 will be affected. Supply air will be adjusted to minimize pressure changes in the rooms.

All lab operations should cease in Building 36.

It will not be possible to regulate or adjust temperatures during this time, so please plan accordingly.

Remember that during an exhaust fan shutdown:

  • All chemical containers in the labs must be capped, or covered and properly stored.
  • All equipment requiring appropriate ventilation should not be in use.

Maintenance personnel will be working within the exhaust system duct work. Conducting any experiment in a shutdown fume hood, or using any ducted exhaust system connected to the shutdown system is strictly prohibited during this time.